About Meg

Meg Pappenheim - “Generosity makes the world go round and the practice of giving will always be rewarded.”

Meghan Pappenheim, also known as Meg, is a mission-driven leader with 25 years’ experience as a social activist and entrepreneur. Endlessly creative and possessing a start-up mentality, Meg has spent many years mentoring others in creative and business endeavours and has programmed and presented at many international events throughout the years.

As the Co-Founder & Chief Manifestation Officer of The Yoga Barn and the BaliSpirit Group, Meg is focused on a purpose-driven approach to entrepreneurship. Meg’s purpose over the years has been to attract socially conscious, culturally sensitive and eco-aware travellers to Bali; helping to steer the island’s recovery from the devastation wrought by its several disasters over the years, and now, the pandemic.

A New Yorker by birth, Meg’s love for Balinese culture began when she came as a college student to study the island’s indigenous folk art. She fell in love with the island, its people and with her partner, the father of her two children, Dek Gun, making Bali her home for the past two + decades.

Cross-cultural relationships have always been profoundly important to Meg. As a teenager studying at the UN International School in NYC, she created her own little UN with friends from diverse socio-economic, religious and cultural backgrounds. This aspect of Meg’s personality has always been integral to her being and has inspired a major part of her various endeavours.

As a visionary businesswoman who is constantly innovating new product offerings, she foresaw the advent of Bali’s value as a global destination for wellness. She is now widely credited with kickstarting yoga tourism in Bali. Her online directory, www.balispirit.com, and her business activities to promote Bali as a yoga and wellness retreat, contribute to the agenda that fuel Bali’s relevance in the global map of wellness retreats.

The annual BaliSpirit Festival, going into its 14th year of operation, is Meg’s effort to drive industry-disrupting change. This multi-cultural festival of yoga, dance, world music and holistic wellness dominates the international festival scene & yoga calendar.

Attracting thousands of dedicated participants from 60+ countries, it has inspired the creation of other transformational festivals in Hawaii, New Zealand and Byron Bay- Australia. Portugal Spirit Festival is another similar event co-founded by Meg in 2017.

The BaliSpirit Group and the festival also fund a number of on-going outreach projects that have a social impact on communities in Bali e.g. a bamboo reforestation program in East Bali, a multi-cultural music exchange program and an HIV/AIDS awareness program.

Meg fearlessly fosters a culture of integrity in her businesses. She has no patience for “guru” complexes that can afflict the yoga and healing community. Meg believes passionately that all companies, large or small, should include community development as an integral part of their mission.


  • Founder & Creator of Bali’s original online holistic directly from 2001: balispirit.com
  • Founding Board member of the not-for-profit Yayasan Cahaya Pelangi, better known as Pelangi School Ubud, Bali.
  • Founding Board member of Yayasan Kryasta Guna, a not-for-profit community arts and culture organisation, which is the mother non-for-profit for:
  • Co-founder of Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV/AIDS, an HIV & AIDS awareness and education program.
  • Co-founder of Bali ReGreen bamboo reforestation program for villages in Bali.
  • Co-founder creative Director for two of Ubud’s most popular restaurants: www.kafe-bali.com and www.kebunbistro.com
  • Owner of www.baliyogashop.com
  • Co-founder and producer of the annual BaliSpirit Festival and its sub events such as Portugal Spirit Festival
  • Co-founder and Director of The Yoga Barn, Ubud
  • Co-Founder of Yoga Barn Online

Ryan Benner

Financial Advisor & Analyst

"Megan is a visionary and full bred entrepreneur. She sees around corners and spots opportunities before people even know they are craving them. Her success in building many different ventures for the community of Ubud and Bali at large has had a profound positive impact. She has created hundred of jobs, and has been instrumental in establishing Bali as a world-renowned wellness center. The dynamic energy and vision she shares attracts exceptional talent, enabling her visions to come to life. Meghan never rests, and I can’t wait to see what she builds next."